5 Ways to Use a Tablet Kiosk


With the revolution of technology, the way humans operate and make use of smart technology is continuously evolving. From conference calls and social media to online shopping, technology is prevalent in every industry. In fact, tablets have become a norm in many industries. More specifically, tablet kiosks have added new levels…

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Assistive Technology Features in Android


Android tablets bring an array of assistive technology to help with writing, reading, and organization. While built-in features varies between different brands, the very basic functionality of assistive technology includes dictation technology and text-to-speech (TTS) features. Writing If you are struggling to write or text, Google Voice is a voice recognition…

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How to Choose the Best Tablet Screen Size


Tablets have become an important device and its use is only increasing day by day. They can function like laptops but are much more portable, which explains their popularity. There are many different types of tablets that are available in the market.  All with a variety of features, it may…

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